Tin of Carbide and Lamps


Theolodite used in Lickfinn Mine

Tallys and punches

Tallys and punches. Each miner punched his number on small metal discs calle 'Tallys' used to mark a miners produce.

Single, double and 4 ball Culm Ball Shooters

Shot Blaster

Shot Blaster used by the 'Firemen' -the men who set the explosives to blast out the roads and coal underground

Pay Packet

Pay Packet from Ballingarry Collieries Ltd 1966

Mining artifacts

Mining artifacts at The Old School Mining Museum 2015

Miners helmets and lamps

Miners Billycan and Satchel


Jigger-Pnumatic tool

Jigger-Pnumatic tool used underground to break up the coalface

Helmet Lamp and Battery pack

Carbide Lamp

Carbide Lamp lit and working showing flame


Anthracite from the Slieveardagh Coalfield

Anemometer and case

Anemometer and case used underground to analyse airflow and determine windspeedso ventilation could be provided through the addition of shafts and fans.