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Geological Survey Ireland shares link to Tipperary Coalmines Website

February 5, 2022
April 24, 2022
Geological Survey Ireland shares link to Tipperary Coalmines Website

This month has got off to a good start for our coal mining heritage. Geological Survey Ireland has included the Tipperary Coalmines Website in their online Events and News section.

While assembling the material for the blog and website  we were in contact with Geological Survey Ireland for permissions to use images of old abandonment plans and material about the mines in the Slieveardagh Coalfield given to us in 2013. Geologist Siobhan Power of the Information Programme offered to promote our site through a link to it and on their social media.

This is the introduction to the Tipperary Coalmines website in the Geological Survey Ireland ‘Latest News’ page

02 February 2022

The Tipperary Coalmines Website acts as a virtual museum for the historic coal mining of the Slieveardagh Coalfield, Co Tipperary, which operated into the 1980's. The website has been released on behalf of the Slieveardagh Mining Interest Group, and has many engaging features including: Virtual Tours; information on mining artefacts; and details on the mining history and heritage that still exists in the local communities today.

The human stories and heritage surrounding the collieries are the core focus of the website….. Accounts from miners that worked across the Slieveardagh Coalfield are a website highlight and give an insight into the gruelling yet rewarding work that was done.

The Tipperary Coalmines Website can be found here:

This is a great recognition of the importance of the mining history, we only have the coal mining heritage because of geology and we thank Geological Survey Ireland in helping us spread the awareness of this history.  

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