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Celebrating Engaging Projects

October 10, 2021
April 25, 2022
Celebrating Engaging Projects
Virtual Field Trip of Slieveardagh Coalfield shortlisted for the Tipperary County Award

We are delighted to let everyone who followed our Heritage Week 2021 virtual tour of the local mine sites know that we have just got word that we are shortlisted for the Tipperary Local Authority Area award.

The National Heritage Council's National Heritage Week Awards celebrate the most engaging projects organised by National Heritage Week participants. There were over 1500 projects submitted this year. And our project is shortlisted!

The Awards Ceremony will be hosted by Journalist and TV Presenter Anne Cassin on Wednesday 20th October at 12.30. The Ceremony will be broadcast live at  www.heritageweek/awards

Recording and sharing the history of Tipperary's Coal Mining Heritage continues to be very important.

The Virtual Tour engaged with interested people all over the world, and we thank all the people who followed the tour and especially those of you who shared stories and photographs, and the people we have interviewed who have yet to see their stories online.

Over 30 years after the last mine closed is is more important than ever that we ensure that  Tipperary's Coal Mining Heritage is remembered and honoured.  The success of this project comes from the engagement of everyone who joined the Old School Mining Interest Group, ex-miner Michael 'King' Cleere and artist Katy Goodhue on the virtual tour. Thank you everyone. This award shortlist recognition is really appreciated.

And finally today: It is a matter of urgency that Copper Steeple is saved.

There is still lots to do for this important Heritage. Copper Steeple is the landmark feature of  the entire Slieveardagh area. It needs a conservation assessment to see what is required to consolidate the damage at both the top and bottom of the structure. Being 96' high this means using a lot of scaffolding as well as the experts to do the assessment and the subsequent work.

The article on the steeple will explain more.

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